Our Fragrances


We can't wait to create the perfect body oil for you. We carry over 30 amazing fragrances that we list below.  Each scent is a unique experience that you can enjoy again and again. We have a nice variety for any occasion, and as we grow we will continue to add more.  Our selection consists of..............


April Fresh  -  That wonderful, comfortable fragrance of clean fresh laundry fresh from the dryer.

Splash  -   So refreshing super clean and super fresh. Top notes of Bergamot Zest, Coconut Water and Valencia Orange.  Middle notes of    Jasmine Petals, Beach Lily and Sea Grass with Salty Driftwood, Amber Sands and Vanilla Orchid at the base.  

Cocoa Butter -  That classic scent of rich, chocolaty cocoa blended with a hint of mint and vanilla. 

Coconut Snowball  -  This fabulous fragrance oil will be a hit all year. Sweet delicious Pineapple Juice, Toasted Coconut and Orange Zest make up the top notes.  Middle notes of Caramel, Honeycomb and Buttercream.  Bottom notes of Whipped Marshmallows, a splash of Blue Curacao, Sugar Crystals and Vanilla Bean.  

Baby Powder  -  A delightfully fresh, Powder Scent, with a warm baby fresh  baby soft background.

Lemon Bar -  This fragrance starts with notes of freshly-squeezed lemon, honey, and orange. It finishes with notes of shortbread, vanilla, and sugar.  Sugary sweet and tart.

Southern Style Vanilla - A down home, southern style blend of thick, rich creamy Vanilla.  Clean and Rich.

Drakkar Type - You will love our version of this popular scent. Savory and woody with notes of Lavender, Citrus, Coriander, Juniper Berries, Black Pepper Notes, Sandalwood, Patchouli and White Cedar Woods. (Male Fragrance)

Oak Type - This earthy male scent is a warm, woodsy blend of Red Oak, Patchouli, and Cedarwood. Hints of Sweet Citrus and Cashmere Musk complete this delightful blend. (Male Fragrance)

Georgia Peach - Fresh, ripe Georgia Peach with berries and hints of Bergamot; dewy Rose Petals, hints of Jasmine and even tinier hints of creamy Vanilla. Peach has never smelled quite this good!

Lavender -  The wonderful aroma of a true lavender flower. Clean and relaxing.

Aveda Rosemary Mint - You will love this version of this popular refreshing scent. A well balanced blend of Rosemary with hints of Peppermint and Spearmint.

Red Rose Petals - Beautiful and romantic - fresh red rose petals; deep red with a crisp true scent!

Buttercream Crunch - Yummy!!!  A sweet, buttery Vanilla loaded with Caramel and Toffee and splash of Crunchy Nut. 

Frozen Lake -  All the wonderful clean, crisp smells of winter.  The top notes have hints of Citrus Blends, a hint of Mint with Lavender and Juniper Berries on a Amber and Woodsy back ground.

Gardenia -  A beautiful, strong true floral.  Very fresh and aromatic.  

Pineapple Slices - Fragrant Pineapple, Ripe Strawberry, Citrus and kissed with Peach in a Sweet Sugary Base. Freshly sliced Pineapple chilled to perfection!

Cotton Candy - Sweet and fruity cotton candy scent. A blend of Fresh Strawberry, Sugar and Sweet Vanilla. Takes you back to your childhood! 

Fresh Linen - Pamper yourself with this super fresh scent.  Top notes of Fresh, Clean Ozone with middle notes of Jasmine, Rose and Lily on a soft Woodsy bottom note.  

Spearmint Eucalyptus - This refreshing scent is a mix of Eucalyptus, Spearmint, Lavender, Citrus, and a touch of Marigold. It's inspired by the Eucalyptus and Spearmint fragrance from Bath and Body Works.

Clean Cotton - A clean laundry scent without that "soapy" smell!  Fresh Green Apple with hints of Orange and Pineapple on a dry down of Musk. Super strong, super clean.

EnergyYou need this fragrance in your collection. It's a bright and fresh scent with notes of grapefruit, lemon, lime, cucumber, jasmine, pineapple, blackberry, and champagne.

Jasmine Dream - A truly floral experience with a pure Jasmine scent.

Beautiful Day Type -  You will love this bright blend of Sun-Kissed Apple, Wild Daisies & Fresh Pink Peonies.  Top notes of Sun-kissed Apple, Dewy Pear, Sparkling Cassis.  Middle Notes of Wild Daisies, Lily of the Valley, Fresh Pink Peony and bottom notes of White Peach and Blonde Woods.  This oil is truly beautiful and will make you smile! 

Coconut Milk & Lavender - A beautiful and enticing blend of Lavender with silky French Vanilla infused with rich Coconut Milk and hints of musk. 

Earl Grey & Cucumber - A male scent with a burst of Bergamot, an afternoon tea  distinct to Earl Grey, and the cool succulence of Crunchy Cucumber with base notes of Beeswax, Vanilla and Musk.  Cool, Clean and Crisp. (Male Fragrance)

Graphite Steel Type - An invigorating blend of sage, bergamot spice & leather woods.  Clean, warm and fresh.  Definitely sexy. Top notes of Bergamot, Lemon, Basil. Middle notes of Sage, Coriander, Lavender and Leather Woods with Sandalwood and Moss at the bottom.  (Male Fragrance)

Secret Wonderland - Luscious Strawberry and frosted Jasmine Petals kissed with magical notes of White Amber and Creamy Sandalwood to create this whimsical fragrance.

Watermelon Lemonade - A wonderful blend of watermelon and sweet sugary lemonade. Keep summer in your heart during these cold winter months with this super refreshing blend of watermelon and freshly squeezed Meyer lemons.   

Stress Relief - Relax and think clearly. Blends of Eucalyptus Essential Oil clears the mind while blends of Spearmint Essential Oil uplifts to help improve concentration.  Relieve stress after a long day, with this aromatherapy blend of Lavender and Sage, Eucalyptus and Spearmint, fresh ozone and dry down woods. 

Aspen Winter - A fabulously festive combination of Bay Leaf, Fresh Pine, Red Cinnamon and warm winter woodsy notes combined with hints of holiday fruits. This is a wonderful Holiday oil!

Coppertone Type - A light floral blended with Jasmine, Lilac, Lavender and Sweet Rose make up the base for this fabulous tanning lotion scent.

Pinkest Chiffon - This version of this sweet delightful oil is infused with hints of exotic fruits, Vanilla Orchid, Sweet Vanilla and Whipped Chiffon Musk.  Pink Chiffon is as light as air paired with soft pink petals whipped vanilla chiffon icing.